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About Campbells & Flatts - from Scotland & Suffolk to Widnes
Hello, I'm Paul Campbell and I'd like to welcome you to my family 

     I live in New Brighton, on the Wirral, on the other side of 
the River Mersey to our rather better known neighbour Liverpool.

     I am 59, and, for my sins, was a teacher of mathematics before I 
belatedly realised what damage the 'profession' was doing to me and fled. Like my 
wife Joan I am now retired.

     I have followed my ancestors to Suffolk on my mother's side. On my 
father's side we come from Scotland, Lancashire, Cheshire, and one 
itinerant family of 'bargees', who worked the canals from 
Paddington to Manchester.

     Apart from one thatcher, my Suffolk folk all appear to be 'Ag 
Labs' until my mother's generation. My Scottish line were Ag Labs 
who became General Labs and then Factory Labs.

     I do have a 'hingemaker' in Lancashire and a 
'thatcher' in Suffolk amongst the 'Labs', and of course 
my bargees - watermen and flatmen.

     I am proud of them all; proud to be descended from them; and to tell the 
truth, having spent all the summer holidays of my childhood and youth going 
out to 'work' with my Uncle Raymond as an Ag Lab in Suffolk, I often wish that I 
could do now what they did then!
     I must thank Rachel Roberts for starting me off on this project. 
Having met on "Genes Reunited" I was diverted to her site and thought "I must 
have a go at this". Rachel has also given me valuable information about 
my Naylors. 

     Also my thanks go to Jenny Warner, another contact 
through "Genes". A common descendant of Francis Owen, she has confirmed my 
ideas of the Owen line and has also introduced me to James Owen [my half-first 
cousin 5 times removed by generation] who was hanged in 1840 for the murder 
of Christina Collins!  The "Bloody Steps Murder" was the basis for the 
Inspector Morse story "The Wench is Dead". She has also provided me with a set 
of paintings that illustrate members of her family. If you visit her line you 
can see them and, if you like what you see, she could be persuaded to do one 
for you! Jenny has also introduced me to Shirley Blay, Steve 
Owen and Martin Owen, and Shirley put me in contact with Gary 
Moore. Not only have I been able to compare my own research with theirs, 
but they have given me far more information on the "Owen Ancestors" than I 
could ever have dreamed of achieving on my own. I hope that this site will 
open their achievements to a far wider audience. I offer them my most grateful 
and heartfelt thanks not only for that vast amount of help, but also 
for "adopting" me into the Owen family!
     If you like a complicated story with strange goings on, have a close look 
at the lives of Francis, James and Joseph, the sons of John Owen and Frances 
Keene. Let's just say that boat people didn't get out much and meet people! 
Martin and I are both descended from Francis's son Henry Owen. PLEASE KEEP 
     By the way, if anybody reading this is interested in the Christina 
Collins murder story, I have copies of the newspaper reports from the time. If 
you would like to know more please contact me through my guestbook.

     Thanks also to Sandra Stevens, who I met through "Suffolk 
Surnames", for helping me to get my Blakes in Suffolk back to the 
15th Century. I have met many other lovely people through "Genes" - many have 
helped me, some I have helped, but mainly we have helped each other. It really 
is a great site.

   ~~~~ Rachel, first visitor to this site, thank you very much for your 
kind and encouraging message in my guest book ~~~~

     As I have only just begun to build this collection I'm afraid that there 
isn't much here at the moment, and what there is will probably have mistakes! 
In particular, the Owen line has mainly been obtained through censuses 
and the IGI, so I expect that there may be errors here, although the 
aforementioned "Owen clan" have helped me tremendously to confirm and add to 
it. At some time in the future, when I have more time and energy, I intend to 
do a more thorough job, and get the evidence that I need. If you, by any 
chance, know something that I don't, please do not hesitate to contact me.

     I hope over the coming months [or years!] to add far more, so if you have 
stumbled on this little project I hope that you will return at a later date to 
visit again.

Please visit my guest book
Feel free to leave any comment or opinion you may have - good or bad - as all will help me to improve this site.
The Campbells [and the rest] are coming!
I have updated this introduction as of 14 May 2012. I have also uploaded a new Gedcom that adds all of my family that I had put on Genes Reunited - in other words the Suffolk lot - Blake, Flatt, Johnson, Aggis etc. It is also with great sadness that I have to announce the death of my mother, Mollie May Campbell [nee Flatt]. After a relatively short illness she fell to cancer on 14 February 2011. Her ashes are now buried with her parents in the churchyard at Bedingfield.
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Sorrell is now 7 months old - and GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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